What Is Blays-Halla?

Literally, "The Hall Of Blaise"  or  "Blaise's Hall". Named in the same spirit as the Old Norse Valhalla,  Blays-Halla  represents the ultimate academy where truly dedicated men and women can receive hard-core instruction in WARCRAFT the combat proven, battlefield tested, real-world Arts of War.

Christ Stone

WARCRAFT  n. the power or practices of warriors.

Warcraft is the collective term used to classify all of the many facets of the Blays-Halla curriculum. Unlike other training halls,  Blays-Halla refuses to be associated with the "martial art" label. The reason is three-fold. First and foremost is the fact that the vast majority of so-called martial art schools aren't martial at all. These schools' techniques have become so watered down and ritualized that their effectiveness in combat is questionable at best. Or, while their techniques may still be somewhat functional, the instructors teaching these moves would be quite hardpressed to actually pull them off in a fight. The lack of individual prowess, actual combat experience, and an effective training method often leads to the 'martiality' in these instructors' martial art to be nothing more than an agreed upon fantasy between themselves and their students. Be honest with yourselves, you know at least one 'master' who fits this profile...and that's one 'false prophet' too many.

Secondly, most martial art schools, according to their own descriptions, teach only "self-defense".While this is absolutely commendable, it still falls way short of the semantic meaning of the word "martial". The definition of martial, as relative to martial arts, states in part :  "pertaining to, connected with, or suggestive of war or military operations..."

Where we come from, it's a pretty far leap from 'self defense' (minimal damage to opponent,  passive / reactive mindset, curtailed aggression) to "how to kill your enemy effectively and efficiently." Yashai Warcraft teaches students how to fight from both an offensive and a counter-offensive mindset. There is no self-defense per se.

Thirdly, the media has thoroughly destroyed the credibility of the term 'martial art'. This has led to an entire generation of 'TV' martial artists. The Power Rangers are fun entertainment for kids, but when movie star martial artists try to sell adults and sincere martial art practitioners the same BS, there becomes a serious need for a reality check. Kids grow up to be Black Belts. The problem is, many Black Belts never grow out of the cartoon combat stage.

So that's why the Blays-Halla Battle Academy isn't too wedded to the label 'martial art'. We practice Warcraft. We're not like the local neighborhood strip-mall karate school. We're not commercial.  We don't teach kids. We train with real weapons. And we fight...often.

We humbly apologize if we have in any way offended anyone inadvertently. That is not our intention. We  just want people to have zero doubt as to who we are and what we're all about. Now, if you're still with us, let's walk onwards.