Patayin Estilo

Born of battle and battlecircle, Patayin Estilo is the style of champions --- of vanquishers. Victory on the battlefield or in the dueling pit depends on 3 basic factors : the man, his warcraft skills, and his weapons.

The Philippine Islands have produced some of the world's finest warriors and warrior traditions. From ancient times until today, the Filipino warrior arts have remained deadly-functional and are continuously upgraded. Experience in battle is purchased in blood, death and terror. And these 'secrets' have been kept for centuries by guardians who have realized that this type of knowledge is indeed 'power' in a world of chaos and sudden violence.

A true warrior realizes that the only real 'secret' is hard work and a brave heart. However, a wise warrior will seek out those heroes who stand out amongst the great ones. Seasoned combat veterans and undefeated pit duelists have much to teach those of us who are willing to honorably study the priceless lessons that these men-at-arms risked life and limb for.

Patayin Estilo synthesizes the hard fought lessons of many a master of warcraft into a simple, cohesive system of sword, battlestick and war shank fighting. The training methods, combat mindsets, fighting technologies, strategies, tactics, weapons, and even the 'pet moves' of these warriors have been studied in context and in detail, giving practitioners of Patayin Estilo a very choice menu of battletricks and forethought to take with them into combat.