"Save us, oh Lord, from the fury of the Northmen!"

This was the prayer of choice for the churches and monasteries of Celtic Britain from the 8th century AD until 1066 (and sporadically thereafter). Norse armies and Viking pirates raided the islands of celtica and continental Europe via the Atlantic, and any lands touching or connected to the Mediterranean Sea for hundreds of years. They were professional conquerors and pillagers. These sea kings established colonies in subjugated lands and dynasties of Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, and Geats ruled with ruthless endeavor.

But in the end, God rules supreme! His Power was manifested through the ironic miracle of not destroying His enemies, but in saving them. These wretched killers eventually became champions of the 'White Christ' (as they called Him), and spread Christianity even further around the globe.

From the people who gave the world the 'blood eagle' and 'corpse trees', comes Hrafns Vegr --- the Raven's Way. Battletricks are what Norse warriors would classify as 'techniques'. From svinfylkja (swine wedge) to einvigi (single combat dueling w/any weapon, no rules), Hrafns Vegr has got it covered.

Just as runes are to be whispered and not voiced, there are also many subtle aspects of this 'crude' method of fighting. Unlike its Asiatic counterparts, the Norse battle arts are specific, yet open for individual adaptation and interpretation. The sagacious old war teachers drilled and trained their charges, but not with the mindless attention to minute details that martial arts training can degrade to. Instead, they stressed skill in a multitude of arms, and flexibility of mind. Almost always, a Viking army was outnumbered and fought on their enemy's home ground. Superior battle skills and a ferociously tempered mental framework prepared these Dark Ages ravagers for their inevitable 'heroic' struggles against hordes of enemies. And for many hundreds of years, this strategy worked more often than not.

Stressed at Blays-Halla are the styles of the Einherjar and the Ulfhednar. Whether you're one against many, or a 'pack' against a champion, an Ulfhed will be amply prepared; whilst the tenets and protocols of the Einherjar focus on technical purity and clarity of mind.

Norse war training stresses strength, conditioning, agility, cunning and willpower. A perfect companion system for any weapons stylist, or a solid beginner's method, the Raven's Way will give you Dark Ages technology for any dark times that may be ahead in your future.