"Ave, Caesar! Morituri te salutant!"

So begins the ancient ritual of human sacrifice at the Great Imperial Colosseum in Rome. From about 264 BC until 326 AD, hundreds of thousands of slaves, criminals, prisoners of war, professional duelists and Christians were slaughtered in the cruel 'games' held at the many arenas and amphitheaters throughout the Roman Empire.

Generally, these Spectacles were nothing more than mass murders. However, a class of professional pit fighters -- the gladiators -- emerged amidst all of the carnage and gore wreaked via the Imperial bloodsports. These men, and sometimes women, were highly trained warriors. They were selectively bred and purchased, housed in barracks, fed special diets, and received expert instruction in the arts of war by highly skilled veterans. There are numerous extant inscriptions that commemorate these teachers, known as "doctores". The training of gladiators was a highly elaborate affair. Each 'style' of gladiator (and there were many) had its own special weapons, training methods and instructors. Eventually, even the brutal system of Greek boxing, which used hardened leather hand wraps, fell prey to Roman debauchery.

Capuan Boxing is the Roman gladiatorial system of cestus fighting which was taught at Capua, one of the Empire's most famous - and oldest - of "ludi" (schools). It revolves around the usage of "cestus","galerus" and "manica": the iron spiked gauntlets used by Roman boxers to kill one another in a true no-holds-barred fight. Kicking, wrestling throws and takedowns, strangleholds, joint destructions and pressure locks were also incorporated into these brutal contests. This style of empty-hand combat was perfected by Greek Hoplites on the battlefield and was called "Pammachon", which means "total fight". Used in warfare only, pammachon is not to be confused with the Olympic sport of kickboxing/wrestling known as pankration. Even the Greeks believed that boxing was the more dangerous of the two Oylmpic events. Greek boxing most often used a hand enhancer of some sort, the nastiest being the "myrmex". Only the ultra-militant Spartans allowed pammachon matches, and only amongst themselves. No other Greeks wanted to play that game.

Yashai Pammachon and Capuan Boxing stay as true to the original systems as is possible. Brutal, simple, and extremely effective, these blood-soaked warcraft skills are taught and maintained at the Blays-Halla Battle Academy. With Yashai Warcraft, you will always hear them shout "Jugula!" as you stand victorious over your opponents in the "Sine Missione".